The Roberts Difference

What makes us different?

Roberts, P.A. is different from most litigation firms. The difference is the personal touch. We truly care about our clients. We try to know each and every client on a personal basis and, more importantly, to know your case intimately. Typically, we will come to your home to meet with you and your family. We will go out and interview witnesses personally. We will take the sworn testimony and attend important court hearings.

We have the experience.

Roberts, P.A. is made up of two experienced trial lawyers, H. Clay Roberts & Javier Basnuevo. Between them, the firm has over 45 years of litigation experience. They have represented both Defendants and Plaintiffs, the party being sued and the party that is bringing the claim. They have handled all types of cases from injury cases to breach of contracts. They have fought in Courts all over the United Stated and in almost every jurisdiction in the state of Florida, they have fought in Federal Courts, and in other types of Courts such as Bankruptcy and Workers Compensation. If you have a civil case that involves litigation, these partners have probably handled something similar in the past. Their experience will make the difference.

We are driven by our professional values.

At Roberts, P.A., we believe in ethics and in integrity. Ethics to ensure we are prosecuting an honorable claim. A claim for justice. If we feel that your case will be unsuccessful we will be very frank and let you know that under the law, you will have a difficult time. However, if your case has merit, we will fight for your rights vigorously – all the while adhering strictly to the canons of ethics that regulate our profession. Further, we will deal with our clients with integrity. We will always make sure to honestly evaluate your case and inform you of the good aspects of your case and the pitfalls of your case. We will always be strong, but we will always be fair.

We are thought leaders in an evolving industry.

At Roberts, P.A., we believe it is our civic duty not just to be an advocate for your individual case, but for justice generally. If justice requires that a law change, we will be part of that fight. If clients need to be educated on a change in the law or a proposed change in the law, we will make sure to sound the alarm. Information and education are the pillars of making the law and society fair. As attorneys we feel we have a special duty to translate the complicated and make it simple so folks will understand the law and understand how to protect themselves and their families from risk. We advocate for change and try to be part of the solution not the problem.

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