Construction Defects

Poor construction, cracking walls, leaking roofs, water damage and mold are some of the common defects that can hurt a family’s two most valuable investments: their health and their home. Roberts, P.A. helps homeowners obtain compensation for the losses they have suffered.

Roberts, P.A. relies on its extensive experience and network of construction and architecture experts to properly assess and litigate cases. The law firm works on a contingency fee basis for most construction defects cases, meaning that it charges no attorneys’ fees unless it secures a monetary award or recovery of funds on its clients’ behalf.

Chinese Drywall Legal Representation
The law firm of Roberts, P.A. is a leading law firm in Chinese drywall litigation and legal representation for the victims of Chinese drywall. We are dedicated to advocating consumer solutions and legal recourse for homeowners with Chinese drywall.

The Roberts, P.A. law firm is founded upon the traditional principles of ethics and honesty. We offer complimentary consultations, where our attorneys will review your situation and provide you advice regarding your legal rights, options, and responsibilities.

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