Civil Litigation

“Civil Litigation” is basically when two entities, whether they be an individual and/or a corporation and/or the government, have a dispute and the dispute must be resolved by going to court. In Civil Litigation, typically what you are suing for is compensation through monetary damages. Unlike a criminal case where the government is trying to take away an individual’s liberty for wrongful conduct. In a civil case, a case is brought to the Court by a party that has suffered damage due to the wrongful conduct of another. This wrongful conduct could be characterized more specifically as medical malpractice, negligence, breaching a contract, intentional conduct, or reckless conduct. Further, there are various areas of civil practice such as labor law, admiralty law, commercial litigation, products liability, etc. At Roberts, P.A. we specialize in almost all aspects of civil litigation. Each one of these practice areas is identified and explained in further in the following sections.

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